Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate demo for Switch launches August 16

Capcom announced today that a demo for the much awaited Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch will be released on August 16 via the Nintendo eShop.

According to Capcom, the demo will feature three monsters to hunt: the Great Maccao, Barioth and Valstrax. Luckily, the demo will have an online-feature, allowing player to team up with up to four players to hunt these three monsters.

Here’s an overview of the game via the official Nintendo listing of the game:

Hunting season is open!

This critically acclaimed action RPG series makes its debut on Nintendo Switch. Take on epic hunts on the go or from the comfort of your own home! Choose from 14 different weapon types, mix and match them with unique Hunting Styles and Hunter Arts, or even play as an adorable but ferocious Felyne in Prowler Mode! Featuring the largest cast of monsters for any game in the series, from returning fan favourites to mysterious never-before-seen monsters!

You can join up to three other players for co-op multiplayer action, either online or in person using local wireless. Join the hunt in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate for Nintendo Switch!

For those who are not aware, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is the HD port of the Nintendo 3DS version that was released back in 2016 in North America. The game will feature HD visuals on the Nintendo Switch, as well as the expanded version of the game, titled Monster Hunter XX, which was released exclusively in Japan in March 2017.

Fans who have not played Monster Hunter Generations back on the Nintendo 3DS, now is the time to get it when it releases on the Nintendo Switch in a few days. Not only it does offer HD visuals compared to the 3DS version, it also offers portability that you can take the game anywhere.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate will be released exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on August 28. Check back with us near the release date for our review of the game.