Lego Set To Release NES Console And TV Kit Display

Nintendo’s Lego partnership continues because the toy company is set to release a new set that features an old school TV and an NES console.

The new Lego NES console set was leaked by VJGamer and the toy is set to be released on August 1st, 2020. The toy was already teased earlier this week on Lego’s social media pages.

The new set is aimed for adult collectors over the age of 18. The price listed for the model is 230 Euros which equates to around $260 USD. The price is an indication that this is for serious Lego collectors only!

While the price may seem expensive, it does come with 2,646 pieces. This includes the NES console itself, plus the TV which has an interactive Mario element to it.

2020 is already going to be an expensive year for Nintendo fans because Lego is releasing the Mario Lego kits on August 1st, 2020 too!

If this NES Lego set is popular, it will be interesting to see if other Nintendo consoles get the Lego treatment in the near future.