void tRrLM(); //Void Terrarium – Five Tips to Stay Alive

The hard thing about Void Terrarium is that there is no sense of consistency. There are so many random and unfavorable elements that a single wrong move could result in failure. Seriously, it takes like 100 correct moves to win and one incorrect one to lose. As a result, this can be a frustrating and discouraging experience, though there are some tricks to stack things in your favor. While there are a lot of little things you can do, here are the five best tips we found to come out ahead.

Bait enemies so you can attack first

Once an enemy knows your location, they will keep moving towards you. All you need to do is move in a way that forces them to come to you. The easiest way is to, quite honestly, attack. When you attack, it counts as your turn and enemies will move. So, all you need to do is wait, attack, have an enemy move towards you and then attack it. By mastering this you’ll never get caught off guard again.

You can use items you’re standing on

If you have a full inventory, it’s obviously not possible to pick up another item. Instead, walking over it will give you the ability to swap a current item or, more ideally, simply use the item in question. Often times I use this to my advantage. Whether it’s a battery, life, boost or something else, I use any item that is useful to prolong my life. If done correctly, it should make each run smoother, even if that alone won’t save you.

void tRrLM(); //Void Terrarium 1

Understand how enemies function

As you progress, enemies get a bit more complicated than trading blows until one of you die. A good example of what I mean are the bombs. Attacking them once will start a timer and they’ll blow up in like two turns. Instead of bothering with them, I simply attack and walk away. Learning all the tricks associated with enemies isn’t just practical, it will often times save your life.

Focus on practical skills

As nice as two attack or more health can be, try to unlock things like more inventory slots, boosts and skills. Simply having another possible skill, the ability to pick two items or make certain abilities more common will almost always beat out some stats. And, even if you just take inventory, those items will make it easier to both survive and level abilities.

Choose your skills wisely

The last and one of the hardest to master in Void Terrarium is choosing the right skills. I like to focus on anything that matches my play style or adds insane value to my build. The best skills aren’t the ones you expect like stats or the ability to get more items, it’s things like negative elements on the floor having no impact or 100 percent hit rate. Make sure you read and pay attention, as two or three of these can make you impossibly strong.