Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition Review

For many, the next console generation is a weird one. While the last generation ultimately was about refining the overall experience, this one seems to be about experience. We’re to the point where visuals as so impressive that is the next major leap to bring the experience to life. Each of the launch titles tackled this question in its own way. Astro’s Playroom showcased the controller, Godfall is basically a tech demo that shows some really cool things can be done, Deathloop detailed why it’s unique the other day, with Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition finally giving players an idea of why PC gamers talk about performance. The hack and slash game was already impressive, so with new content and better performance, does it remain an amazing experience? 

Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition features a rather interesting story, one that isn’t terribly hard to predict but interesting to play through. Nero, a devil hunter, loses his demon arm to a demon known simply as Urizen, who Dante, Nero, and V must stop. However, there is more to Urizen than meets the eye and that leads to an adventure ultimately resulting in familiar faces and terrible foes. 

Devil May Cry 5 Heaven or Hell Mode

In addition to the basic story, a new mode where players control Vergil was added. He offers his own take on the adventures, complete with three weapons to start off with and a fair amount of power. His inclusion might not be groundbreaking, especially for returning fans, but it is enough to make the overall experience stand out. Even more so given the performance boost Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition received on next-generation consoles.

As ideally a sign of things to come, Capcom gave console players a good number of options with Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition. There is a 120 frames performance mode, ray tracing performance and graphics modes, 3D audio support, it’s even the first game I saw that supported a lot of the cool new trophy enhancements. All this goes to show how Capcom views this generation. One centered less on flashy yet deep combat and one with options and concepts that really build out the overall experience for everyone. 

This is really taken to another level, as there was no denying Devil May Cry 5 was already a great game. It took haunting visuals and gave them fluid combat, something that Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition handles effortlessly. In a lot of ways, it makes everything smoother, and that allows players to easily swap weapons, continue combos, and make the most of your resources. 

Devil May Cry 5 Ray Tracing

Where Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition makes the biggest leap is how it all comes together. Using the same moves, to defeat the same enemies, with minimal to no resistance is enough to beat it, but the true experience comes from swapping between moves and using everything you can do to overcome a threat. Multiple swords, quick attacks, warping moves, and powerful combos are where it all comes together. It also is about enemy management. 

Smart players will not only take care of the current threat but upcoming ones too. Nothing about Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition, even on easy, is a joke. Enemies will try to get the best of you and players need to be ready to duck, dodge and slash through foes, figure out secrets and ultimately defeat all the challenges that lie ahead.

Devil May Cry 5 Bloody Palace Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition

Progressing makes everything a bit easier, as you get more weapons, skills, abilities, and yes, power, making combos more forgiving. At first, you’ll likely fail due to a lack of experience and limited options, but it’s the type of gameplay that rewards hard work and effort. Even casually playing through with suboptimal attacks with Vergil, I did extremely well at holding back mobs and maintaining impressive combos. It also helps that each character have their own playstyle, making it easier or harder depending on what you like to do. For some people summons and range work best, whereas others benefit from being up close and personal.

Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition Review – Verdict

JPS Editors Choice

There really isn’t a whole lot of new things to say about Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition. It’s a stunning game that added a new character, giving players something new to experience, plus various improvements to the overall experience. Ideally, it will be an idea of things to come, over one of the early games that suggested gimmicks were actually features but regardless of the outcome, it’s easily one of the most impressive games you can play on PS5 right now. 

[Editor’s Note: Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition was reviewed on PlayStation 5 and a review copy was provided to us by the publisher.]