The Last of Us: Part II is Now Sony’s Third Best Selling in the US

Prior to release there were some questions about how well The Last of Us: Part II would perform, but those seem unfounded as it’s now Sony’s third best selling game in the United States.

This was part of NPD‘s July 2020 report, putting the divisive title behind only Spider-Man and the 2018 version of God of War. Naturally, these are some extremely impressive figures, as both Spider-Man and God of War benefit from being significantly older and being featured in a number of different bundles, price drops and more. Long term, I wouldn’t be shocked if The Last of Us: Part II outpaced them both.

This also isn’t the only exciting news for Sony fans. Ghost of Tsushima launched with impressive figures, making it the top selling game in July, along with being the fastest seller for Sucker Punch. Thanks to this early performance, Ghost of Tsushima is currently the fifth highest selling game in 2020. Odds are it will not outperform The Last of Us: Part II or Animal Crossing, but it will be interesting to see if it can hold that lead over the exciting games currently expected to release later this year.