Sisters Royale is Now Available on Xbox One

A couple days ago Chorus Worldwide and Alfa System finally released Sisters Royale: Five Sisters Under Fire for Xbox One.

While PlayStation 4 and Switch owners have been able to enjoy the spiritual successor of Castle of Shikigami since Jan. 2020, it’s always a plus to see Japanese and more niche titles land on Xbox One. Especially one with so many quirky elements and cute visuals.

Those interested can find the overview below:

Sisters Royale The battle of the five sisters begins! Their mission is to capture the heart of the angel Yashin. Sisters Royale is a new vertical scrolling shmup from the veteran team at Alfa System, the studio behind the ‘Castle of Shikigami’ series. Five sisters with unique magical talents battle it out with Tension Bonus Systems (TBS), a point multiplier system based on distance from enemies, and the Power-shot System that boosts attack levels. Find hidden Secret Fairies to gain massive scores, but only if the players take additional risks by multiplying the TBS bonuses! Get to know the score boosting techniques and take your place on the global leaderboard.

Sisters Royale PR

Right now those interested can snag it for just $13.99 for the base game and another $2.79 for the DLC character Ode, who has a unique storyline and more to explore.