Rumor: Leaked Advertisement Confirms Days of Play 2020

One of the hardest parts of COVID-19 is how it disrupts your sense of normalcy. Not only has almost every event gone digital, we’re seeing less in terms of announcements, more delays, struggles getting physical copies and more. Among the many things we’ve come to expect is Sony’s ongoing Days of Play promotion, something advertisements suggest will continue in 2020.

Days of Play 2020

The following image, found above, suggests the event will start on May 25 (Monday) and run until June 8. Two European retailers have also listed this promo, complete with the image, suggesting it is happening on some level. As a result, we should get official confirmation either today or tomorrow by Sony.

As for the actual promotion, there are a lot of interesting little deals, but the most notable promotions include a PlayStation 4 Pro with 1 TB of storage and Spider-Man, The Last of Us Remastered and Horizon Zero Dawn, along with The Last of Us being included with the purchase of a DualShock 4, PlayStation VR deals, PlayStation Plus discounts and big sales on Days Gone and Death Stranding.

One interesting struggle will be how Sony and retailers potentially handle said promotions. Due to COVID-19, many retailers, such as Best Buy, has extended their return policy multiple times. As a result, those who bought a PlayStation 4 Pro as far back as April or in some cases March will still be within their return period and able to obtain the aforementioned bundle.

Only time will tell but Days of Play 2020 could be a shining light some players need to get through the month.