Arc of Alchemist – Power Level Guide

While there is no quick way to get the Greatest Expedition Unit trophy in Arc of Alchemist, there is an easy way to get it.

Once you complete your adventure you should be somewhere in the 60 to 70 range, at which point you’ll undoubtedly notice that experience slows to a crawl. Most bosses give next to nothing, there are very few things left to do and even New Game + doesn’t help. This has resulted in players, at least in Japan, farming one of the post game rooms where you fight the last boss and some other enemies. While this is a good method, Twitter user Richlando discovered a better method.

Instead of fighting multiple bosses and slowly leveling, there is a single boss that gives a substantial amount of experience and can be killed in seconds. By doing this you should be able to get the trophy in about four hours, instead of a previously quoted 20, making it substantially better.

Set Up

Before you can fight the Metal Glyptodon you need to beat the game or at least make it to the final room and have a substantial amount of power. This boss has a seemingly impressive 999,990 health and every stat is 600, making him slightly less fearsome than the final boss, but stronger than most enemies in the game.

Arc of Alchemist 11111

For build I suggest using a Juggernaut Sword (ideally tier III since this boss is weak to it), with whatever it takes to bring your attack to 999. I don’t know or believe there is a benefit to being above 999 attack, but Metal Glyptodon simply can’t kill you as long as you have 500+ defense, so you might as well go as high as possible. I also suggest using Critical, Destruction, Steal and Stealth as your abilities. Out of the four, Stealth is the most useful, since you’re more likely to run past enemies without being slowed down, though none are particularly required. If you need help building your base, check this guide out. Also, difficulty seems to have no impact on leveling, so feel free to set it to easy.

Finding Metal Glyptodon

To find this boss, simply head to The Origin – North and head to your right. There should be a sealed door, which you can open and then follow the path on the left until you find another sealed door.

Open it and you should find Metal Glyptodon waiting for you. This boss is an absolute joke with this build. Hell Chaser has the potential to drop this boss in two to four attacks, meaning you just need to withstand a few hits and aim correctly. After that repeat the process and you’ll be on your way to level 99 in Arc of Alchemist.