This Week’s New Releases 1/5 – 1/11; Monster Hunter World: Iceborne and More

While next week is when we start seeing more exciting and general appeal games releasing, this week isn’t without charm. After a few months of waiting, PC gamers can finally experience Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.

The expansion, which is rather robust and not unlike Ultimate counterparts, adds a lot of content to the already expansion game. These include a number of new monsters, many of which are considered harder hunts and far more frustrating to deal with, along with a wide variety of new mechanics, alternate versions of existing monsters and tons of armor. All this comes just in time to give up on your new years resolutions.

While this sums up the best games, you can find the full list of new titles below, though don’t be surprised if this ends up being a work on your backlog week.

Monday 1/6

  • Invisible Fist (Switch)
  • Dumb Fight (PC)
  • Blackmoor 2 (Switch)
  • Ultimate Racing 2D (Switch)

Tuesday 1/7

  • Chico (PC)
  • Cursed Caves (PC)
  • AVABEL Online (PC)

Wednesday 1/8

  • Dragon Sinker: Descendants of Legend (XBO)
  • Refuge (PC)
  • Talshard (PC)
  • Regions of Ruin (XBO)
  • Animal Friends (XBO)

Friday 1/9

  • Monster Hunter: Iceborne (PC)
  • Pinball Universe (PC)
  • THOTH (Switch)
  • AO Tennis (PC)
  • The White Door (PC)
  • 140 (Switch)
  • Pieces Of Me: Northbound (PC)
  • Cooking Tycoons – 3 in 1 Bundle (Switch)
  • Flirt Balls (PC)
  • Mythic Ocean (PC)
  • Nuclear Arms Race (PC)

Saturday 1/10

  • Drunk-Fu: Wasted Masters (Switch)
  • Coffee Break (PC)
  • The Blind Prophet (PC)

Sunday 1/11

  • ACCEL-X (PC)
  • Angry Food (PC)