Super Smash Bros. Adds Stronger Din’s Fire To Princess Zelda’s Arsenal

Super Smash Bros

For the most part, when we’ve had new or returning characters revealed for the upcoming Super Smash Bros., we’ve gotten plenty of follow-up information about them in the few days after about their moveset. However, one character that has been kept pretty quiet is Princess Zelda.

We don’t even know if she will be paired with her alter-ego Sheik this time, as in the past, which seems to be purposeful on their part. We saw a possible move that would be from Spirit Tracks, which seems to hint her moveset might be more versatile on her own. Now, Masahiro Sakurai has revealed that the Din’s Fire attack for Zelda will be a bit stronger in this game, depending on how you use it.

Pic of the day. Zelda’s Din’s Fire is now stronger in its core. The farther it’s projected, the bigger and more powerful it will be, but you need to hit foes with the core if you want to make them fall.

There seems to be a trend of moves that are more powerful if you use them correctly in this game, which really should further enhance the Super Smash Bros. gameplay we know and love.