Pokemon X and Pokemon Y gives original starters Mega Evolutions

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y

As mentioned in another article on this site from earlier in the day, according to today’s Nintendo Direct Pokemon X and Pokemon Y will be giving you the opportunity to pick a second starter from the three original starters from the Kanto region in Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle at some point in the game. Not only that, they will also be getting their own Mega Evolutions as previously mentioned. Now we have further details, images, and a trailer showcasing the three new forms of the original starters.

Mega Venusaur will be given the ability Thick fat, which allows for half the damage from fire and ice attacks. These are of course two of Venusaur’s biggest weaknesses. Mega Blastoise will receive the ability known as Mega Launcher, which will make pulse moves such as Water Pulse become much stronger. Lastly is Mega Charizard, who sadly will not become part Dragon like another Mega Evolution. He will be given the special ability of Drought, which increases fire-type moves by creating sunlight at the start of the battle.

This news is obviously giant for the older fans of the franchise who grew up with these original three starters and have been dreaming of the day they get a further evolution. I know I can’t wait to get my favorite Kanto starter Charmander and raise him to be Charizard, and be able to change to his new form Mega Charizard.

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y will be released worldwide on October 12. Check out the new trailer showcasing the new forms below: