Possible mystery Pokemon game teased


The Pokemon Game Show that brought us the surprise announcement of the new Pokemon special based on the original Red and Green games now has brought us more. A new video was shown off with a CG Pikachu going through the years of Pokemon releases including the video games, trading card game, and other Pokemon releases. Near the end it shows Pokemon X and Pokemon Y’s logos on a 3DS with the release date. Then it fades to a quick HD clip of Lucario about to face off with Blaziken, that is not from the upcoming 3DS releases.

The entire video before the ending is in CG, but this one looks like even higher quality and actually is made to look like it’s on a TV with the static fade-in and fade-on. Could it be we are finally getting the 3D Pokemon game for the Wii U we’ve always wanted? Very unlikely, but it could very well mean we are getting a Pokemon Stadium equivalent game for the new generation, which previously skipped the Black and White era. It could also be completely nothing, but it just seems a little too suspicious to tack on the end like that. If Lucario and Blaziken actually changed into their Mega Evolutions in the clip, you could just assume it was a clip done up to show off the new forms, but it doesn’t do anything but show the regular Lucario and Blaziken.

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y will be available on October 12 worldwide. You can view the footage below: