The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Link Nendoroid Unboxing

GoodSmile has released a number of Nendoroids for Nintendo. From Mario to Kirby, there has been a good selection of classic characters and fan favorites. One of the more interesting choices is Breath of the Wild Link. With so many changes to the core character, so many that some gamers no longer recognize the character, it makes for a wonderful collectible. GoodSmile also went the extra mile by offering a deluxe version, something that is common among Figma, and might just be the first and only, deluxe Nendoroid.  With so much interest in the figure, let’s take a closer look at it.

Unlike the previous figures, Breath of the Wild Link comes in a fancy box or the deluxe version anyway. Throughout the box there is the same wavy pattern seen on shrines from the game and instead of listing the characters name on the side, there is a lovely sheikah symbol.

Inside is a lovely picture of the scenery from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It isn’t uncommon for GoodSmile to add a nice background, which was the case for Kirby and MetaKnight, showing the effort that went into creating this figure.

The inside is positively loaded so they could make the box slightly larger than the standard Nendoroid. Despite being packed, everything is properly secured and easily accessed.

The basic version includes all the accessories pictured above. This is more than enough to recreate scenes from the game or have your Link get ready for battle with a fearsome guardian or fight off Bokoblin. You can also swap between an action fact or neutral, depending on how you want to set things up.

Both versions include a longer version of the stand. This is pointless for owners of the normal version and is designed so you can use him with content from the deluxe version. Outside of that, there are a lot of small touches and places to put things like arrows and other accessories if you so please. The pony tail on the back of his head can also be freely moved, though you might need to change how the base is set up to accommodate it.

This is the extra stuff included in the deluxe version. Sadly, the horse is not colored like Epona, which is a massive missed opportunity, but instead like the “official” horse from Breath of the Wild. This can be seen in most production art, the official amiibo and other products. Joining it is a chicken leg, bokoblin club, a two handed axe and hood.

Sadly, the hair included in the hood is not a separate piece, but this does allow you to display another Nendoroid, provided you have an extra body. For instance, I have two bodies from my Snow Miku, so I could display the hood with that body or swap them around. Thankfully the piece is designed with pointy ears in mind, so you can freely place another Link or Zelda face and use that instead. Similar to the box and other parts, the hood has a design on the back, making it a really nice piece.

Finally we have the biggest part of the deluxe edition, the horse. Despite the simple appearance, the horse has a surprising among of customization. Right off the bat, you can move the head, some of the mane, the tail and all four legs. From there, you can remove the saddle and/or the bags and even replace them with other parts. I found the shield fits perfectly if you remove the ball join and put it where one of the bags were. This probably won’t work on every accessory, like it seems too small for the mirror shield, but at least it works for the parts included here. The rein looks to be made out of suede leather lace, similar to what you’d find on a slipper, but it’s extremely thin. However, it’s still a nice touch compared to other figures that would use plastic.

And that concludes the latest Legend of Zelda Nendoroid. While Breath of the Wild might not be the most memorable in the series, he is still a fantastic addition for fans of the series or game alike. Those interested in purchasing it can find him at various online shops, including Best Buy (DX only) or Game Stop (Normal, Deluxe). Please note, Game Stop is not only charging more than Best Buy, it’s more than it cost to buy the figure from the supplier directly.