Games to get you into the Halloween spirit

Games to get you into the Halloween spirit

With Halloween tonight, I thought that I would put together a list of very different games that you may want to play tonight in honor of Halloween. Whether you are looking for a legitimately scary experience or just looking for some Halloween themed games and levels from lighter titles, this is the list for you. If I left one of your favorite games out, please leave it in the comments as I obviously did not come up with everything. Now here is the list of Halloween themed games and levels in no particular order.

Resident Evil

Halloween (10)
For the purposes of this list, I stuck with the original Resident Evil, but more specifically REmake for Gamecube, or Archives for the Wii. This game is one of the most tense games you can play, which is definitely helped by the limited amount of ammo in the game. Whether you are attacked by the wild dogs or opening a door and just hoping that there is no zombie on the other side, this game is one you just have to experience to truly understand.

Silent Hill (1-3)

Halloween (9)
This is actually one series I have not had the pleasure to play in my lifetime. I’ve always heard how good the first few were, and there was no way it could stay off of this list. This series is most well known for the atmosphere it creates while playing and how it can mess with you both physically and mentally in the games. Plus, who hasn’t been freaked out just by hearing about Pyramid Head.

Fatal Frame (1-3)

Halloween (12)
Just like the Silent Hill series, this is one I have not experienced myself, but I was told there was no way I could leave it off the list. Fatal Frame is one of the most unique games on the list as you utilize a camera to take pictures and fend off ghosts. As the title of the game would suggest, the camera is your weapon and different films are used like you would different types of ammunition.

Kingdom Hearts – Halloween Town Stage

Halloween (3)
I warned you that this list would not just be scary games, but also games that fit the theme Halloween theme, and this one fits that perfectly. The Halloween Town stage is based off of The Nightmare Before Christmas movie where you are joined by the always fun Jack Skellington. As you go through the graveyards and Oogie Boogie’s giant lair, how can you help but not get into the Halloween Spirit. Not to mention that Sora, Donald, and Goofy all dress up in Halloween themed costumes in this world. How can you have Halloween without getting “This is Halloween” stuck in your head?

Super Mario World – Ghost House

Halloween (1)
For this one, you can really pick just about any of them, and maybe it would be a good idea to play more than one if this is what you want to do. There have been followups in the 2D Mario games, but it’s hard to live up to the classic level designs of Super Mario World. The Ghost House in the Forest of Illusion stands out due to its multiple exits and requires a lot of trial and error. There is always the eerie music to set the tone as well. An honorable mention also goes to the Ghost House based stages in Super Mario Kart that were very similar in design to this game’s.

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  • What a weak list. Where are the good new games? Outlast, Amnesia, not so scary/actiony Dead Space, Condemned, Fear…even the old System Shock 2. Dean James son I’m disappoint.

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  • Dean James

    That’s why I said to post your favorites in the comments. The horror genre is not one of my top played genres, so I miss out on a lot. Now I’ll have to try out those games sometime.

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