New Super Smash Bros. appears to be getting alternate costumes

Latest update shows a Male Wii Fit Trainer

Super Smash Bros.

In a fitting occasion for Halloween, today’s Super Smash Bros. official website update seems to reveal that the new games will be featuring alternate costumes, at least for one character. The latest image released, as shown above, shows a male Wii Fit Trainer alongside the female Wii Fit Trainer we’ve all known about since the earlier reveal.

This could always be a one character costume for the upcoming Super Smash Bros., but you would think if they are going to the trouble on Wii Fit Trainer, it would be available on other characters, especially considering all of the possibilities. Dr. Mario, other versions of Link, Daisy, and many more options are out there would be perfect.

It can’t be coincidence that Sakurai would post this news on Halloween, where costumes are prevalent. Hopefully we will get further details in an upcoming update for Super Smash Bros. on the website or a Nintendo Direct.

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