Dead or Alive 5 Christmas Costumes DLC Pack

Dead or Alive 5 Christmas Costumes DLC Pack

Team Ninja has released the 6th DLC pack for Dead or Alive 5. To celebrate the festive season, it is a collection of Christmas-inspired clothing.

The DLC includes Santa costumes for the following characters: Kasumi, Hitomi, Leifang, Ayane, Christie, Tina, Hayabusa, Jann Lee, Bayman, Bass, Hayate and Akira.

The DLC will be released from December 18th for the PS3 and December 11th on the Xbox 360. You can buy the DLC as packs for $2.99 or 240MSP. Alternatively, you can buy all of them for $7.99 or 640MSP.

Check out all of the new Dead or Alive 5 costumes below:

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