Halo 4 Multiplayer Receiving Perks

Halo 4 Multiplayer Receiving Perks

It has been revealed that perks will be making their way into the multiplayer aspect of Halo 4. Now, I’m sure there are those of you thinking this sounds like the series may be trying to become Call of Duty, but franchise director Frank O’Connor assures long-time fans that this won’t be the case.

Here’s what O’Connor had to say about the changes the Halo franchise will be seeing in the next installment:

“I’ve never worked for Infinity Ward, or Respawn – for years I bet they were asked similar questions about how it’s like the multiplayer system in Halo 2 or something like that. We’re not chasing anybody else’s tail – all the pressure comes from inside.”

“What we do take very seriously is changing player habits. So rather than chasing Call of Duty or Battlefield and trying to do their thing and doing it poorly and doing injustice to it, we’re trying to do our own thing, and do something fairly original but still something that’s completely compatible with the Halo universe.”

“Halo’s not Call of Duty. Halo’s a sandbox game about really emergent things. A lot of things that worked great about Call of Duty – and don’t get me wrong, I was addicted Black Ops all of last year – they do player rewards really well. We’re not trying to do the same thing, it’s as simple as that. We’re trying to do something else, and to push our game forwards and not theirs.”

Interestingly enough, O’Connor stated that what has been revealed and shown thus far for Halo 4 is very traditional. The “more revolutionary stuff” will be shown later and he feels confident that the changes will create a lot of “positive fuss”.

In case you haven’t seen “Making Halo 4: First Look”, I have placed it below for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

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Josh Garibay