Destiny 2 – How To Unlock Dead Man’s Tale Exotic Scout Rifle

Today, every Destiny 2 player is talking about one thing and that is Bungie releasing this seasons exclusive exotic, Dead Man’s Tale. But, for many, the real thrill isn’t unlocking the bolt action scout, it’s the brand new experience and mystery found aboard the Glykon. However, before we worry about the horrors on that ship, you need to unlock the mission.

Unlocking the Dead Man’s Tale Quest

Similar to a couple hidden exotics in the past, Bungie stuck the start of the quest in new area of an existing strike. This time you want to head to the European Dead Zone and select the Arm’s Dealer strike. At the very beginning, when you first turn right, the previously locked door is now open for players to explore.

Destiny 2 Optimized

This new location is filled with turrets and leads to a confrontation with a Cabal named Than’Grot. With a good team you can melt this enemy before he moves, but your end goal is to kill him and go to the last platform. In the open container you’ll find an item, killing Than’Grot should add a waypoint, that someone on your fire team needs to collect the distress signal (one getting it unlocks it for everyone). With this new item, go back to the tower and talk to Zavala to unlock a new mission.

Please note: Once you have the item you’re free to leave without fear of losing the item.

Complete the Presage

A lot of players are already referring to this quest as “peak” Destiny and that explanation is very apt. The actual location is less about killing enemies and more jumping puzzles, figuring out mechanics, locating items and figuring out what to do. With this in mind, a text guide doesn’t make the most sense, so we suggest checking out Esoterickk‘s video or another on how exactly to transverse the Glykon.

After finishing the quest and unlocking Dead Man’s Tale, return to Zavala to receive the scout rifle. This one will be incomplete, it will mention that it has random rolls and you’ll need too complete the mission a second time to unlock perks. Doing it more than this second time doesn’t seem to yield additional drops, so we don’t suggest trying a third run this week unless you want to help others experience it. However, we do suggest paying attention to the voices talking. There seems to be two sets of dialogue, one for a notable villain and another for a notable hero, that makes the conclusion far more interesting.

Finally, while there is a catalyst for Dead Man’s Tale in the files, it doesn’t currently seem accessible. Based off dialogue and unused items, odds are you’ll need to finish some version of the quest in the future, so make sure to memorize the quest to make future visits easier.