Luigi’s Mansion 3 – Boos Location and How to Catch Them

For several decades, Mario and Luigi have been fighting the Boos and with the release of Luigi’s Mansion 3, they are back once again to terrorize the brothers but this time, only Luigi is here. With a plethora of things to collect and do in Luigi’s Mansion 3, one of them is catching the Boos.

There are a total of sixteen Boos scattered throughout The Last Resort Hotel. Each floor has a hotel that has at least one boo that you can catch and collect. In finding them, it will be a tough one as there are things that you have to do before they appear.

Now, we will discuss how to find these sixteen boos and where to catch them in our Luigi’s Mansion 3 Boos Location guide.

How to Locate the Boos

Luigi's Mansion 3 Boos Location - Darklight

If you are playing on a regular Switch, there will be some kind of rumble going on when you are on a floor that has a Boo that you haven’t caught yet. As you are nearing the location of the Boos, Gooigi will be wobbling and vibration will be felt. The closer you are to the Boos, the stronger the vibration gets. Since the Switch Lite doesn’t support rumble, it will be impossible for you to find out if the Boos are close by.

Most of the Boos that are scattered on the floors are hiding in furniture and other areas in the game. Use either the Pluger or the Dark Light to uncover them. In every area that you are in, always search every nook and cranny because the Boos can be anywhere.

How to Damage the Boos

Luigi's Mansion 3 Boos Location - Damage

Boos can’t be sucked in right away. You have to do stun them first and the only way to do that is to use the Dark Light. Once the Boos spit out their tongue, use the Poltergust to suck it in. Pull away the Boos and smash them side to side to deal damage.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Boos Location Guide

Now let’s get to where the Boos are hiding in each floor:

Floor B1: Basement – Boosement
Location: They are located in the Laundry Room, in the top-loading washing machine

Floor 1: Grand Lobby – Gumboo
Location: In the toolbox to your right near the Gargoyle by the entrance of the hotel.

Floor 2: Mezzanine – Booigi
Location: In the dressing room inside of the drawer

Floor 3: Hotel Shops – Kungboo
Location: Hidden inside the garbage can in the elevator hall near the restrooms

Floor 4: The Great Stage – Boogie
Location: Head inside the Ladies’ restroom and find Boogie in the toolbox

Floor 5: RIP Suites – Booldog
Location: Inside Room 508 in a bedside drawer

Floor 6: Castle MacFrights – Boo-at-Arms
Location: In the Coliseum Balcony hiding in a suit of armor

Floor 7: Garden Suites – Bootanist
Location: Head to the bathroom that has full of thorns and find the Boo in a broken sink

Floor 8: Paranormal Productions – Booducer
Location: In the horror set, find the boo in a black storage chest.

Floor 9: Unnatural History of Museum – Boones
Location: Find the Boo in the exhibit hall in one of the covered painting

Floor B2: Boilerworks – Combooster
Location: In the main tank, inside of a fridge

Floor 10: Tomb Suites – Anuboo
Location: Inside of the amphora jar of the Snake Chamber

Floor 11: Twisted Suits – Boofuddler
Location: Head to the trainer’s bedroom and find the Boo in the fridge

Floor 12: The Spectral Catch – Boocaneer
Location: Find the Boo in the beach inside of a Keg

Floor 13: Fitness Center – Boody builder
Location:Find the Boo in the Pool in a laundry basket

Floor 14: The Dance Hall – Boosician
Location: Find the Boo in the elevator hallway inside of a garbage can