DayZ launches March 27 on Xbox One

Bohemia Interactive and Microsoft announced today that DayZ will be coming to Xbox One on March 27.

DayZ is an open-world online survival game that started in a Xbox Game Preview program of Microsoft. When the game launches on the 27th of March, players it will have a major game update. According to the developers, players can expect more post-launch updates in the near future.

Here’s an overview of DayZ, via Bohemia Interactive:

Every day is a new story. This is DayZ — this is your story.

With the need to manage your character’s basic survival requirements and the looming danger of permadeath restarting your progress, DayZ is an exceptionally immersive game. Despite not directly featuring any storytelling mechanics, the post-apocalyptic open world of DayZ presents a unique online sandbox where every decision adds up, creating your own personal story. When all 60 players on a server engage in this completely unscripted survival scenario, the resulting emergent gameplay leads to intense player interactions — some action-packed and short, and some involving long, sophisticated roleplay with very real emotions that you remember long after.

Celebrating this unique storytelling aspect of DayZ, Bohemia Interactive premiered a cinematic CGI cinematic trailer that presents one example of the various stories DayZ can offer. Crossing ways with hostile bandits, overcoming injuries, plotting revenge and improvising during combat are all concepts very familiar to DayZ players. That, and a little bit of imagination — or willingness to fully immerse yourself into the world — will reward you with highly personal gameplay moments very close to this cinematic vision of DayZ.

DayZ will continue to have post-launch contents with free platform updates scheduled to drop througoutg 2019. The future updates will further expand the content available in-game and go more in-depth with some of the existing gameplay concepts.

While the game is not officially out yet, it will still be available in Xbox Game Preview for $39.99, offering players a last chance to get the game for a lower price. Following the launch, DayZ will be available for $49.99.

AS for the PS4 version, it will come later this year.