Bandai Namco Reveals News About Future Tekken 7 Update Patches

Bandai Namco has now revealed some news regarding future update patches that are coming soon to Tekken 7. Several things will be addressed in the coming days.

Bandai Namco posted the following on the official website: “We’re releasing a patch for the PC version to improve security and update Denuvo. It’s important for us to note that this patch was developed concurrently and did not push back the patches addressing online issues (see below).

End of the week: a PlayStation 4 patch to address online stability including matchmaking issues, and bug fixes, will be released. We’ll have more detailed info to share soon about this patch.

Next week: a similar patch to the PS4 version will be released on PC and Xbox One to address online stability and bug fixes.”

One of the things that needs to be addressed is the netcode. Matchmaking is pretty dismal at the moment so hopefully these next update patches make the online mode better to play.