This Week’s New Releases: 8/3 – 8/9; Sacred 3, Ultra Street Fighter IV

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This week sees a handful of multi-platform releases including Sacred 3 arriving on both PS3 and 360. Ultra Street Fighter IV sees a disc release that includes all of the previous sets of costumes for those that didn’t take the Ultra upgrade back in June. Phantom Breaker finally sees a US release with the beat-em-up spinoff Battle Grounds. The Swapper is the second title in PS4’s PLAY 2014. If you purchased Rogue Legacy last week, get $3 back (along with a 20% off The Swapper for being a PS+ member). Xbox One sees no new releases this week.


Metrico (Vita)
Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds (Vita)
Road Not Taken (PC/PS4/Vita)
Sacred 3 (PS3/360)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (3DS)
Ultra Street Fighter IV (PS3/360)


Crawl (PC)
The Swapper (PS3/PS4/Vita)


Jett Tailfin (WiiU eShop)


Shut the Box (WiiU eShop)
Ultra Street Fighter IV (PC)