Rumor: Dishonored II Teaser Image Leaked?


We are going to treat this is a rumor right now but man does this look legit. Dishonored II.

Dishonored had a lot of rich history to work with and it is no surprise that the guys at Arkane and Bethesda are revisiting that well. The image above leaked and promises a bigger reveal at E3 this year. It comes with the strange hashtag, #DarknessofTyvia. The only thing that is for sure is that in the bottom right you can see what appears to be a Dualshock 4 lightbar which could mean great news for Playstation 4 fans.

Edit: Tyvia is the northernmost island in the Empire Of Isles. Check out the interesting Wikia here for more info on the island it’s many cities. It looks like it could be an awesome setting.

Editor’s Note: We have reached out to Bethesda regarding the image and they had the following response:

We don’t comment on rumor and speculation.

Not unexpected. I guess we will have to wait until they are ready to announce it assuming it all checks out.

2 thoughts on “Rumor: Dishonored II Teaser Image Leaked?

  1. All I ask for is DLC that isn’t combat based (seriously, trials was some of the worst DLC I’ve played in years), a protagonist that I’d like, a story that isn’t crap, a viable stealth feedback system, powers that don’t break the game in half, and a removal of combat so we can have a stealth game, and with that a proper focus for this game. Dishonored was outright fun, but it failed in a lot of areas, including it’s piss poor stealth feedback system. Lets hope you make a better game, Arcane.

  2. We can only hope that the sequel is next gen only as it would make for a much better game.

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