Super Mario 3D World’s latest trailer shows off new items and power-ups

Super Mario 3D World

With the release of Super Mario 3D World less than two months away, it was pretty much a foregone conclusion that the latest Nintendo Direct would showcase the game with a new trailer. This new trailer shows off a ton of areas in the game as well as plenty of new abilities and items.

We of course see the cat power-up that was the main focus of the initial trailers released for the game, but now we have much more than that to see. The first of these is a multiplier power-up, that we see split Mario into two and later three separate Mario’s to control. The next one we see is a cannon-like item that attaches to your character’s head, that is shown in use both on land and underwater.

We see a short area with Mario having a Goomba head over his body, but we don’t see if that is only used to blend in or if it has any abilities. This is followed by Cat Mario riding around an icy plain in a bobsled. We then see three items that can be picked up and used in different ways: a bomb, a baseball: and a Piranha Plant. The bomb and baseball are thrown, with the latter being able to be used multiple times. The Piranha Plant is shown to be held by Mario as he moves and the Piranha Plant eats all in your path. Lastly we see a soccer ball bomb item that it appears you can just kick to blow up obstacles in your path.

Super Mario 3D World will be available on November 22 for the Nintendo Wii U. You can watch the new trailer below: