Star Citizen: New Hornet Design Unveiled

wc_hangar_hornet_star citizenCloud Imperium Games, under the name Roberts Space Industries, has today unveiled the finished Anvil Aerospace Hornet commercial for Star Citizen.

Gamers got a sneak peak at this year’s CitizenCon of the unfinished trailer but the finished version is finally here, in all its glory. The trailer shows off the F7A Hornet and a Vanduul fighter, one of the alien races ships, in a dogfight to the death.

To celebrate the launch of the trailer and general unveiling of the newly redesigned Hornet, they are currently being made purchasable from the RSI pledge store. The basic civilian version, the Ghost and the Tracker versions of the Hornet have been permanently added to the store and the Super Hornet is going to be on the store until Monday, October 28th. Check out the stunning trailer below and perhaps it will sell the game and ship to you.

One thought on “Star Citizen: New Hornet Design Unveiled

  1. FYI Oliver east there’s no Vanduul fighter in that commercial. The First ship is a RSI Aurora LX which gets pasted into the asteroid then the second ship that emerges from another asteroid is an Origin 325I.

    If you”re going to report and watch these at least watch them properly and report whats there!

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