Pokemon detective game coming with a villanous blue Pikachu


A very different Pokemon type game has been being teased over the last month and we finally have some real details about said title. What was originally thought to be a Nintendogs type game is in fact a detective-like game that will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS.

When news first came out about this game, it was said that Pikachu would be different than we’ve ever seen before, and they were not sure how it would be received. Now we know more about what they mean as we’ve learned that as you will be searching for a villanous blue Pikachu that can talk.

You will also have your own normal Pikachu as a partner throughout the game. Pikachu will also be done through motion capture and facial recognition software as we already reported.

The game is said to have a development cycle of two years, so look for a release sometime in 2015 if everything remains on schedule.