Marvel Heroes gets one new playable superhero

Marvel Heroes Squirrel Girl

Gazillion Entertainment is pleased to announce today that a new character has been added on the massive roster of playable superheroes in Marvel Heroes.

Starting today, players of Marvel Super Heroes can now play as Squirrel Girl, including her ultimate power to summon waves of squirrels to rain devastation on all of her foes in the form of hundreds of tiny teeth. Those who bought the Founder’s Pack before will get Squirrel Girl for free while others will have to buy the new character via the in-game store or through eternity splinters in-game.

In addition to Squirrel Girl being added to Marvel Heroes, Gazillion also released a brand new costume of Spider-Man. Fans of Spider-Man can dress up their favorite superhero in an all-new enhanced Super Spider-Man Costume. The Superior Spider-Man costume features brand new dialogue, animations and allow players to play as a darker version of Spider-Man, whose body has been taken over by the mind of Doctor Octopus.

For more information, check out the official Marvel Heroes website.