Kingdom Hearts 3 could see the return of Roxas and Ventus teases Nomura

Kingdom Hearts 3

This is not the most earth shattering news or anything, but this week’s Famitsu provided some teases on Kingdom Hearts 3 from series directors Tetsuya Nomura from the Disney D23 Expo from a few weeks ago.

Of course one of the things asked at the expo was whether or not we would see the return of fan favorites Roxas and Ventus in the finale of the Xehanort saga. Nomura’s response was “I’m looking forward to seeing what happens.” This isn’t much information, but considering based on the story you would assume they would be involved, the fact he teased like is a good sign they will be the game in some way.

Nomura also made a point to say that the footage shown is far from what they are aiming for in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Although this is our first time showing footage of actual game play, the quality isn’t anywhere near what the staff members consider satisfying, so we’ll continue working hard to improve the quality.

Hopefully Nomura will give some more substantial information in the near future compared to this that we mostly heard before.