Grand Theft Auto V Guide: Become A Billionaire Without Cheats!

GTA V 5Many Grand Theft Auto V players find that once they have completed the game that they still cannot afford the overly expensive golf course. The Los Santos Golf Club does certainly remove a rather large sum of money from your pocket costing a preposterous $150,000,000! However, there is a way and this is how to do it.

Upon ending the main storyline players can easily find themselves with around $30 million set in each characters bank account. This can be obtained by playing through the game normally with no cheats whatsoever. Here comes the trick to becoming the owner of that expensive golf course; some gamers have become billionaires from doing this.

Whilst playing as Franklin players meet a character called Lester.  When you meet Lester you have to do an initial mission for him but after this his missions are optional; thus they can be saved until the end of the game. Lester’s missions inadvertently manipulate the in-game stock market. Buying and selling the correct shares for each of Lester’s missions can therefore earn players a lot of money. It is possible to even earn up to $1.5 billion from this technique.

GTA v screenIf you wish to know the exact stocks to purchase and when to sell them, read on, but be aware that some mission details are given.

Prior to Lester’s second mission, the first being the compulsory one mentioned above, invest all your money in Debonaire Tobacco on the LCN network. Wait until the stock’s %change gets to 80%. Then sell the stock.

Next complete the mission by doing the assassination and again invest on the LCN but this time buy stocks in Redwood. Simply advance the game’s clock, via sleeping, by two days and then sell the stocks earning a hefty profit.

The next mission revolves around the company Fruit, invest before the mission and then sell swiftly after completing it.

Some players have commented that this stock remained constant thus not working but others have had success. Once the forth mission is complete Vapid stocks will rise allowing you to make a comfortable profit.

Finally, one last way to earn yourself a lot of money. Invest in Gold Coast Development before the mission and cash out afterwards; now sit back and enjoy ridiculous amounts of money!

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