Pokemon XY anime receives sneak peak in new trailer


The long running Pokemon game series has had an anime airing alongside it since the beginning. The anime has always done its own thing, but still somewhat follows the games with regions and such. As a result, the upcoming 18th season of Pokemon will be going to the new continent from Pokemon X and Pokemon Y known as Kalos. The title for this new season is Pokemon XY.

A trailer was released yesterday that shows a sneak peak at the finale for the current season as well as a preview of the beginning of the next season. This is of course only the Japanese version as the dub is currently 11 episodes behind and will be 12 after later today. The new sneak peak doesn’t give any information on who Ash’s new companions will be for the next region, but based on the trailer it appears that it won’t be Cilan or Iris, his companions from Unova.

The current season of Pokemon will bow on September 26. This will be followed by the release of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y worldwide on October 12 for Nintendo 3DS. Then we will be getting the first episode of the new season in Kalos on October 17. Check out the sneak peak trailer below: