‘Disgaea D2’ English Screenshots Released

Disgaea D2

NIS America released eight new screenshots today for Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness.

The eight new screenshots that NIS America released today are all in English and will allow you to see some of the game’s cutscenes, and its battle system. Prepare to see Laharl, Etna and several returning characters from the first Disgaea game. Check it out dood! Or the Prinnies will be uber pissed.

The Netherworld — a place where might makes right and today’s friends are tomorrow’s enemies. After a long journey with many ups and downs, Laharl finally finds himself as a full-fledged Overlord. However, the other denizens of the Netherworld do not see him as such, so he sets out on a journey with his loyal(!?) vassals to receive the respect he deserves. Along the way, Laharl will meet a girl who claims to be his sister, demons with bigger than usual chips on their shoulders, and find out that even his own body holds a few surprises for him…

Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness is currently scheduled for release this Fall exclusively on the PlayStation 3. For now, check out the screenshots below: