Sony Gives Away Exclusive Soul Sacrifice DLC

Earlier today Sony posted an informative Q&A with Keiji Inafune, which isn’t just informative, but also has some codes for exclusive (US) Soul Sacrifice items.

These items include the Spirits’ Frostblade, Spirits’ Blazestone, Spirits’ Viviblossom, and finally the Spirits’ Storm Pinion. All of these items can’t be obtained outside of these DLC codes and seem to be limited to this one event. To get the items, simply redeem the code (found below) and then go Librom, Network, Peddler, Claim gift. You might need to beat the first chapter to get them, though they’re perfect for low level people.

  • Spirits’ Frostblade – 4R7F-QENE-CD4L
  • Spirits’ Blazestone – Q9GJ-BTNL-CEB5
  • Spirits’ Viviblossom -P5CJ-PNNL-R79C
  • Spirits’ Storm Pinion – C7DE-37NA-758R

While these items might be perfect for those just starting out, you can find some additional advice and tips here.

4 thoughts on “Sony Gives Away Exclusive Soul Sacrifice DLC

  1. Any news on codes for EU?
    US seems to be getting everything for this while we get left out.

  2. @ Mabbotosaurus

    I read the complaints on the blog and found them rather comical if you want the truth. All of the DLC thus far (which I am a proud owner of) is great for low level people, but crap next to high level gear.

    Spirits’ Frostblade / Flamepike – 50 attack, 2 casts vs large version – 45 attack, 10 casts (upgradable to 13)
    Spirits’ Fulfurwood – 80 attack, 3 casts vs Fulgurtree Root (large version) – 100 attack, 21 (upgradable to 24) casts (can also be fused into a tri)
    Spirits’ Blazstone / Blightstone – 220 attack, 4 casts vs large version – 260 attack, 11 (upgradable to 14) casts
    Spirits’ Heart (demo reward) – 330 attack, 2 casts, 30 second duration vs Large version – 380 attack, 3 (upgradable to 6) casts with a 40 second duration
    Spirits’ Storm Pinion – 70 attack, 4 casts vs Icebird Pinion (large version) – 95 attack, 11 (upgradable to 14) casts
    Spirits’ Viviblossom – 100 recovery, 2 casts, large, 15 second duration vs Healing Bloom (large version) – 90 recovery, 6 (upgradable to 9) casts, large, 16 second duration
    Spirits’ Falconfeather – 10 casts, 15 second duration vs Falcon Feather (I lack the large, oddly… so this is the Medium) – 8 (should be upgradable to 14) casts and 25 (should hit 30) second duration

    As you can see, this gear isn’t all that great and will only help you at a lower level. I mean it’s certainly cool, but don’t think you’re missing out. Especially because you got a free month of plus, which we did not. I also recall reading (might be wrong), but the EU copies came with the preorder DLC by default. At the very least you got a month of Plus, which I much rather have than a bunch of weird low level gear.

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