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Soul Sacrifice

Soul Sacrifice

Back when the demo first released for Soul Sacrifice, there were a number of complaints about how complex the game was. This isn’t too surprising, since Soul Sacrifice doesn’t hold your hand, nor are the answers just given to you in the traditional sense (most exist if you look for them). Since most people aren’t aware of these elements, plenty of gamers are going about things the wrong way. In an effort to help you out, this guide will cover both the basics and touch on the complexities that await you in the world of Soul Sacrifice.


Divine or Dark?

One of the first and arguably most important choice you’ll encounter in Soul Sacrifice, is which path do you want to go down. For those of you that don’t already know, the divine path gives you defense and recovery, where as the dark path raises your power. Let me start by saying, you don’t actually need to figure this out till you’re in post game. This is because you need to level both sides to “fully” experience the game.

Divine Unlocks:

  • Knight of Vengeance Story – Level 15 Divine
  • Gorgon (Eye lasers that petrifies enemies) Black Rite – Level 20 Divine
  • Vulcan (Gives a sword to an ally) Black Rite – Level 40 Divine

Dark Unlocks:

  • Ballad of a Werewolf – Level 15 Dark
  • Gleipnir (Binds an archfiend) Black Rite – Level 20 Dark
  • Excalibur (Summons a sword to use) Black Rite – Level 40 Dark

Once you unlock all of the items above (a must for the platinum), you can now decide which path you want to go. For the “average” gamer I suggest staying in the neutral path, since it offers the most flexibility. Just to clarify, by neutral I don’t exactly mean 50 / 50, but somewhere in the 30 / 70 – 51 / 49 ballpark is nice. This will allow you to make full use of all the weapons, plus health won’t be one of your main concerns. As for the other two paths… they’re a little more complex.

Soul Sacrifice

If you don’t mind grinding and dodging isn’t your thing, then you’ll probably enjoy the divine path.  While the lack of power makes it harder to kill enemies, you can off set this by grinding for blood magic. The first thing you should do is beat the game, since that gives you the two best blood magic spells in the game (currently). After you do this, unlock the divine blood sigils and you should be able to hold your own against most bosses. My friend did this with his level 99 (divine) character and can keep up with me in terms of damage. However, this is a lot of work and isn’t as versatile as a dark build.

Contrary to the divine build, dark gives you the power to vanquish foes before they’re a threat to you. In exchange for this power, healing items are practically worthless and a peon can 1 hit you on a rank 10 mission. With that being said, you can still surpass the divine class with significantly less work.  Additionally, most bosses won’t give you a problem, though the Wyvern / Phoenix / Leviathan and to a lesser degree Pegasus might.

Any perks to maxing out one path?

While I don’t think you were ever intended to go down one path completely, you do get some perks for doing so. The first is a trophy, so you can’t platinum till you actually accomplish this. In addition to getting a trophy, your character also transforms and gets a new spawn animation when you get ____ Arm V and VI. Arm V unlocks when you have a difference of 90 levels, so the minimal to unlocking it is level 91 (since one side will always have a level). The next version unlocks when you reach the full 99 level gap and also changes the hand image when you’re faced with a choice.

Divine level 99 Male:

 Soul Sacrifice

Dark Level 90:

Soul Sacrifice Soul Sacrifice

Dark Level 99:

Soul Sacrifice

Soul Sacrifice

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Grant Gaines

Hey, I'm the Associate PR around here, though I also do several other things. If you ever see or have a problem with the site, feel free to contact me as I'm usually around. If not I'm probably working on a guide on my Admiralvic PSN account.
  • Akash

    Thanks for all the effort you put into this guide man.

    I definitely learnt a few things.

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  • Ashlee

    Awesome guide buddy….well done.

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  • kiko

    Great guide :)

    Though I just want to mention that you could in fact inflict the same hell more than 2 times… I speak from experience since I have done it at least 4 times(same hell x4)… Though it is possible, you need at least 3 elemental offerings(root(tri), mine, blanket) plus the next element in the elemental wheel to get the Skillful attack.

    Not bragging… just saying it could be done :)

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  • @ Kiko

    I’m aware and have since verified you’re indeed correct. Since I am 100% on the dark side, I have always killed the bosses prior to getting the third hell, so that might be the issue. When I lowered my level a bit and used nothing but flames (+ 1 ice element to SA), I was able to get the third hell just before he died. Obviously it’s not worth going for unless you have to and I can’t imagine the resources required to hit the 4th hell, but good to know.

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