Pokemon Black & White Version 2 Review

Every time a new Pokemon game comes out, fans of the series always wonder what new things GameFreak will add to make the title stand out from previous installments. For over a decade, the Pokemon series on Nintendo’s portable handheld device has been one of the most addicting games on the market, garnering the attention of kids, teenagers and adults. Even if every Pokemon version plays the same and uses the same recycled formula, the idea of catching a plethora of Pokemon (new or old), battling trainers (gym leaders and Elite Four) and seeking the new stuff that the game has to offer are the reasons why so many people still play the game today — it just never gets old!

Following the release of last year’s Pokemon Black and White version, a sequel has been made instead of making another Pokemon game that uses a different color in the title. In Pokemon Black and White Version 2, a lot of new things have been added to set it apart from its predecessor. Are the new additions good enough to justify picking up the game? Let’s take a look at what’s HOT and what’s NOT in our review of Pokemon Black and White Version 2.


a New Adventure Awaits
In every Pokemon game, story is less regarded due to the nature and objective it has — beat the gym leader, head to the Victory Road and defeat the Elite Four to become the Pokemon Master. For Black and White Version 2, it’s pretty much the same thing, but what it has is a brand new storyline that takes place after the first game. The same old objective is there, but what fans can expect are new characters, a new rival, a plethora of new towns and a somewhat expansive Unova region. The game takes place two years after the events of the first Black and White version and a lot has changed in the Unova Region — you can expect new areas awaiting your discovery and every location feels refreshing and new. Those who have played the previous game and did some sort of a Memory Link can apply some of the events that took place in the first game. As always, Team Plasma, in which they separated into two factions, will be there to cause chaos in the Unova region.

Those that have played the Black and White version can expect everything in this sequel to have something new to offer. Don’t worry about the similarities because from start to finish, you will never feel that it’s a sequel to Black and White. GameFreak did a remarkable job in making this sequel a brand new game, which can be seen in the massive changes to the Unova Region. Instead of starting in Numeva Town, just like in the first game, you will now start in Aspertia City, which is located in the southwestern part of the Unova region. Also throughout the region, you will find a plethora of Hidden Grotto where you can explore to get items and new Pokemon you can catch.

Pokemon World Tournament
One of the new additions that I find amusing and new to the Pokemon series is the inclusion of the Pokemon World Tournament. As you head to Driftveil City, you will get a chance to participate in a tournament where trainers all over the world, including Gym Leaders and the Elite Four will gather to fight everyone that participates. If you are thinking of challenging the Gym Leaders who you previously beat, joining the Pokemon World Tournament is perfect for you, as it will give you an opportunity to re-battle them. This is an option that not available in previous Pokemon games. As always, every battle that you win will award a prize. Don’t forget that there are shops within the vicinity that give you stat boosting items!

PokeStars Studio / Join Avenue
Another new addition that makes the game more enjoyable is the new PokeStar Studio. If you are thinking of becoming a movie star, the PokeStar is the way to go as you will have a chance to participate in Pokemon movies. Within the PokeStar Studio, you can participate in various Pokemon movies and make the best one. Expect old characters from previous games to appear that will join you, such as the Icirrus City Gym Leader Brycen.

The objective in PokeStar Studio is quite simple: follow the script that you are given, command the rental Pokemon and you will make a movie. Whenever that movie is done filming, you will see a green screen where your dialogue options will be seen and a bunch of plot points. Depending on the performance, you can earn fans that will give you items for use. For those interested in this aspect of the game, there are plenty of scenes to keep the player interested.

In addition to PokeStars Studio, another new big feature that the game has is the inclusion of the Join Avenue where it will act as a huge shopping mall in the game. Every time you connect to someone via Nintendo’s WFC, Infrared, or C-Gear, you can expect to see the Join Avenue to be populated by shopkeepers who will sell you new items and such. Every time you talk to the shop keepers and do them a favor, you can expect to gain popularity, thus allowing you to gain levels to get more discounts within the shopping mall.

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  1. I’m sorry, but this review is nothing short of shit. It sounds like you could have read all these basic facts about the games up online without playing the game, even if you did. It really doesn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know. You didn’t address any of the minor gameplay changes and said it’s just the “same old game” like anyone else. What specifically in the game’s story made it not compelling? Also, Aspertia City is located in the southwestern portion of Unova, not the “the south region” and you said “Unvova.” Top-notch quality there.

  2. I agree with timmy. I havent played the game (Yet), and I found out all of this just with research! You didnt even metion the suspense (It is the first pokemon game when the antagonist tries to kill the player) and even the main plots (Freezing Unova, Fusing Zekrom/Reshiram With Kyurem etc) So dont justpushstart, pushstop!

  3. @Timmy

    Of course, reviewers have to research and put their opinion to it… It’s a review.

    And for all Pokemon fans, the new stuff listed in this review shouldn’t be new since this has been announced ever since it was revealed in Japan… Heh.. Pokemon fans.. tsk tsk tsk

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