Final Fantasy XIII-2: Recruit ‘Twilight Odin’ in Your Party

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Despite of not having an Eidolon that players can use in battle, there’s a monster that can comes close to Lightning’s Odin that is recruitable.

Twilight Odin is considered as one of the most useful and powerful monster that can join the players’ party. Before he turns into a monster crystal, players must face and defeat him two times in two different time periods. For those who are looking for a great monster that has a Commando role; Twilight Odin will be the best bet after some light leveling.

Before players can obtain Twilight Odin, make sure that:

– Have Vile Peaks 010 AF and 200 AF unlocked in the Historia Crux
* To unlock Vile Peaks 10 AF, use a Wild Artefact on the time gate in Academia 4XX AF.
* To unlock Vile Peaks 200 AF, use a Wild Artefact on the time gate in Archylte Steppe ?? AF


Once you have them unlocked, make sure you start in 010AF. Talk to the Blitz Squadron that got stranded after a shadowy figure attacked their ship. Each of them will ask you to do a certain quest in regards to finding its members that got lost. Once you get to a point where it asks you for proof, go back to Historia Crux and head to 200 AF.


In 200 AF of Vile Peaks, you’ll meet the remaining missing squadron. Go to the area where you see Twilight Odin engulfed in Shadow. Talk to the members of the squadron team and do their quest. Once you get the proof that you need, go back to 10 AF.

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  1. You can actually do the 200 part first, then go to 10 and give proof. There, you defeat the first odin, then go back to 200.

    Stuck on second odin battle, survived Zankutsen, was healing and it immediately did another Zankutsen only seconds after. Any tips? Is there a way to stop the ability?

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