Resistance 3 – Journals (Malikov, Audio logs, & Text) Locations Guide

In order to get the Platinum Trophy for Resistance 3, one of the requirements needed is to collect all 40+ Journals scattered throughout the game.

Having a hard time finding all of the journals? We got you covered on our Resistance 3: Journal Locations guide. Our guide is straight to the point and if you have any questions, drop us a comment.

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Chapter 1 – Haven Underground

Feral vs. Military (Text)
Location: The first journal is located by Susan at the start of the game.

Postcard from Bogota (Text)
Location: Before you head to the Firing Range, make sure to pick up the journal that is lying on the bed on the right side of the woman cleaning the floor.

Chapter 2 – Haven Outskirts

Bite Protocol (Text)
Location: At the start of the chapter, look for the journal behind a wounded man on a bed.

Note to Jon Harper (Text)
Location: Before going upstairs, get the journal on the desk near the chalkboard with a chimera drawn on it. This is at the beginning of the chapter.

Leaper Bite (Audio)
Location: Keep an eye on this audio journal as soon as you open the garage to enter a house after the first encounter with a drop ship. Look for the stairs that leads up to a bedroom and it will be lying on the bed.

Chapter 5 – Boat Ride

Change in Strategy (Malikov Journal)
Location: Check the ground on the very front of the ship.

Ice Blocks (Text)
Location: Located at the rear end of the boat where the first aid is located.

Chapter 6 – Trainyard

A Tragic Paradox (Malikov Journal)
Location: Reach the top of the trains and the journal is located on top of the train where there rubble on it.

Staying Warm (Audio)
Location: Still at the Trainyard, find a hole in the fence that leads up to a secret area. The journal is located on the mattress in the northern end.

VTOL Manual (Text)
Location: Find the VTOL Manual at the mattress inside the Coal Tower of the Train Yard.

Chapter 6 – Destroyed City

Gotta Get Out (Text)
Location: When you zipline to the wrecked building, look for the journal before opening the door. Clear our the Chimeras first.

Quarantine (Audio)
Location: At a factory office on a desk near the switch that lowers the catwalk.

Safety Violation (Text)
Location: When you lower the catwalk at the factory, look for the journal that is located on the top floor, just before you exit the area through the tunnel.h this journal.

It’s Just Me Now (Audio)
Location: After successfully exiting the factory, go through the panel in the wall and you’ll find the journal in the room full with mannequins.

Girl’s Bestfriend (Audio)
Location: At the room where you first got your BullsEye Sniper Rifle, the audio journal is located by the windows.

Letter to Santa (Text)
Location: Now that you have the sniper rifle, head over to the next building. In one of the rooms where there are leapers, look for the journal in the bedroom just under the Christmas Tree.

Chapter 7 – Ballroom

Tunguska (Malikov Journal)
Location: After the fight in the sewers, look for the hallway leading to a small room just before you take the stairs up. The journal is there.

Chapter 8 – Rooftops

The Hale Vaccine (Text)
Location: Once the power core is secured, the journal is on the counter near the pool table in the safe house.

Chapter 9 – Windowmaker

Mass Exodus (Malikov Journal)
Location: While protecting Charlie, go towards the big building. Before you get to climb the stairs, search the ruins for the journal.

Chapter 10 – Forest

Just a Little Nap (Audio)
Location: After successfully evading the snipers, find the journal at the entrance to the mines.

Journey to Hanover (Text)
Location: At the mines, find the journal at a dead end area of tunnel. Take the central passage.

Cooling Towers (Malikov)
Location: On the same area where you found the journal, look for a lit area with red level. The journal is there as you go uphill.

God’s Will (Text)
Location: You will find it directly to the left of the bridge where you get the Wildfire and have to fight the drop ship. Look for it at the base of the Tunnel Ahead sign.

Chapter 11 – Meet Jean Rose

Satan (Text)
Location: At an area of the town where it’s overrun by grims, the journal is through the attic of the house to the south. Take a ladder leading to the dark area with a doorway that will lead you to the next area. At the top the ladder, a journal will be located on the table just before you go through the metal panel door.

Pure Chimera (Malikov)
Location: Get the Malikov’s journal on the second floor of the church. It’s lying near a large hole. Watch out for leeches!

Chapter 12 – Coal Shafts

Depesaration (Malikov)
Location: As you are fleeing from the Satan Chimera and outrun it in a large tunnel, go to the tunnel to the left that leads to a large room with stairs. Under the stairs is a dark path which leads to the journal.

Who’s Boss (Audio)
Location: When you’re hunting the monster and enter the flooded area of the mines, drop into a large passage with a dead end and a body. On the body is the audio journal.

Chapter 15 – Cellblock A

Letter to Mom #1 (Text)
Location: After escaping your cell, look for a secret passageway behind cells in Cell Block A. TAke the passageway and you will find the journal across from the hallway that leads to the first done on the second floor.

Chapter 15 – Showers

Letter to Mom #2 (Text)
Location While in the showers, head left until you find a hole in the wall that leads to pipes. Find the journal lying on the floor.

Letter to Mom #3 (Text)
Location: On the northeast corner of Cell Block B, find the journal on a mattress inside the cell.

Letter to Mom #4 (Text)
Location: Once you disabled the drone in Cell Block B, the door opens to the main area again. Find the journal on the desk on the left side of the hallway.

Letter to Mom #5 (Text)
Location: After the sniper cutscene, head to the cafeteria. Look for a hole on the northeastern wall just before the control room. Smash the boards blocking the hole with the Sledgehammer to find the letter.

Chapter 16 – The Pit

Letter to Mom #6 (Text)
Location: Watch out for this journal as you exit the Pit.

Can You Hear Them? (Malikov)
Location: As you defeat the leeches and grims in the waterfalls area, open the door and the journal will be on the ground.

Letter to Mom #7
Location: On the northeastern part of the Motorpool area, climb the ladder to a platform where you’ll find the journal on a box.

Chapter 17 – Alleyway

They Are Coming (Malikov)
Location: Pick up the journal at the start of the chapter, just before you take the zipline.

Six Bullets (Audio)
Location: On the small rundown building near the two huge Chimera towers with a shield gate between them, search the backrooms of this building and you will find the journal.

Bad Idea (Audio)
Location: When you enter the subway, cross the tracks leading you to a lit room. The journal will be lying on a dead soldier.

Chapter 18 – C130 Crash

Particle Smashing (Text)
Location: At the start of this chapter, search the dead soldier.

Blood Bath (Audio)
Location: Cross the C130’s wing towards the building. Get the journal just before getting to the elevator shaft.

Fall Back (Audio)
Location: Look for a crashed helicopter in a frozen layer to your left, just before fighting the Stalker. The journal will be inside the helicopter.

Chapter 19 – Conduit Corridor

Gray Matter (Malikov)
Location: At the area where you split up with Charlie, take the right path, and before getting on the elevator, the journal will be on the small table on the right wall.