Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep PSP Pack / Release Date Revealed

Square Enix is pleased to announce today a new PSP Entertainment Pack for the much awaited Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep is scheduled for release this September 7th in North America. Alongside with the game, Square Enix will be releasing a new entertainment pack that includes a limited edition PSP, the Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep UMD, a 4GB memory stick Pro Duo, and a voucher code for a PlayStation Network movie. The bundle will release at the same date, September 7th. For Europeans, the game is scheduled for September 10th with no word of a bundle.

For New Zealand gamers you can expect the game to come out exclusively on PSP September 9th. This will only be the game and not the bundle at this stage.

Check your local game retailers for more information on this bundle. We’ll have our hands-on impression of the game near the release date. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Below is the trailer release by Square Enix via the PlayStation Blog.

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  1. The bundle info is wrong. It doesnt come with a movie voucher it comes with a voucher for 50 free songs

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