PSP Firmware Update 6.10 details

To prepare for the PSP Go release the PSP firmware update 6.10 will be available soon.  In order to ensure PSP Go owners full compatibility with MediaGo and all the PSP titles it is highly recommended that they download this update. Here are some of the new features available with the update:


This is a new application that analyzes and evaluates music imported from MediaGo on your PSP or PC using Sony’s 12 Tone Analysis technology.  Your music will automatically be categorized into 12 channels, such as “Relax” or “Newly Added”.  The video below shows how this technology works.


Media Go

Playstation Store will be getting a makeover on PSP and PSP Go through the Media Go application on Thursday, October 1.  You must install Medio Go or, if already downloaded, update the app to verison 1.2.  It is a free PC software application that allows you to organize all your media between the PC and PSP.  Media go can be used for PSN game purchases, backing up or restoring PSP games.  It is still possible to log on to the PSN normally by using your Playstation Network ID if connected through any WiFi hot spot, but the use of Medi Go through yor PC makes transferring media to your PSP a much more simple task.  If you would like to download the Media Go application for yourself visit


This is the last new feature revealed for the upcoming update.  This can only be used with the PSP Go.  It allows the user to connect to the internet through a Bluetooth mobile device as a modem.  So even if you’re not near a WiFi hotspot you can still access the internet through certain devices such as a mobile phone.

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  1. Actually i really like the fact that with the psp go you can buy your games online which is a nice feature, everything will be on your “psp harddrive”. But the thing who kill me is the price. I want the psp go but i think im gonna wait for a price drop or i will ask this to the santa clause :P

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