Deadly Prominition Arriving Early 2010

Ignition and Marvelous Entertainment announced today that Deadly Premonition, a survival horror game that resembles not only Silent Hill but Fatal Frame as well, will be arriving in North America early next year exclusively for the XBOX 360. We have seen Ignition Entertainment releases good quality games over here in North America and I am hoping that Deadly Premonition won’t give us a bad premonition early next year! Get it?

Let’s hear what they have to say:

“Ignition Entertainment has done an incredible job finding and targeting each game’s primary audience and we could not be more excited to team up with them to publish Deadly Premonition,” said Hidetaka Suehiro, Director, Access Games. “We’ve developed the graphic styling and game play of Deadly Premonition to uniquely trigger the suspenseful emotions in every player. We promise an astounding ending if you can meet the challenge to solve the mystery and make it there!”