Modern Warfare 2 Plagued w/ Issues, PS3 Patch Coming Soon

If you picked up the latest and arguably most popular game of the year, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, then you probably have experienced some technical issues with it. Users of both the Xbox 360 and PS3 have complained about severe online multiplayer issues, as well as problems with unlockables. If you check out the Modern Warfare 2 forums on the developers website, you’ll find numerous posts about PS3 players being unable to invite friends to matches, and unable to unlock trophies. Concurrently, many 360 users have complained about the matchmaking function not working, thus not allowing them to join random games, as well as achievements also not unlocking.

Infinity Ward has addressed the issue on PS3 and fourzerotwo(Robert Bowling) posted on his twitter that a patch is being worked on and should be up by Friday. No word yet on whether or not the 360 issues will also be addressed, but our guess is if IW wants to continue making money they will be.

Remember the days when you could purchase a game and right out of the case it worked without needing firmware updates or patches? Yeah those were the days.

66 thoughts on “Modern Warfare 2 Plagued w/ Issues, PS3 Patch Coming Soon

  1. Yeah. The PS3 version is impossible to play online with friends. The invite system takes far too long, working through the ps3 friend list, and half the time it never works. Says its invalid or no longer there.

  2. I also remember the days where a game could be released completely broken and there was no way at all to fix it.

  3. well this blows no school tomorrow and they cant fix a little party request? For 3 days….. if i was IW it would be out right now but,lol looks like im beating the campaign and playing alone for a while. I never bought mw 1 so i decided to by this one since it was suppose to be so great? but, 2 patches needed after 1st day of release not so good.

  4. i cant wait for the fix… but for those of you who cant wait there is a trick to join party… accept the invite while on main menu of game… if that doesnt work reboot, retry, and sucess… its stupid nd tricky but itll work… me and my team have been playing together all nite…

  5. I downloaded the patch this morning and now I cannot connect AT ALL. And yes, I am still able to connect with CODMW and was able to connect yesterday to CODMW2.

  6. Yeah, but remember the days where you took a game straight outta the box and it DIDNT work, so its good to have patches, although it does give panicky devs to release games early and less stable, the bastards.

  7. I’m having a huge problem with the ps3 version right now. I downloaded the new patch and now I can’t play any multiplayer online games. I’m stuck at a message that says

    Fetching Playlists…
    Updating Rank and Unlocks…
    Connecting to Matchmaking Server Complete

    and although the ellipses are moving, i’ve waited longer than I can take.

  8. This blows. The software update eff’d everything up! My day off is just wasting away, hoping and praying I can get on multiplayer at some point.


  9. How did this not get caught thru the Beta test period?? OH THATS RIGHT – There was NO BETA TEST period!! Great job Infinity Ward….

  10. The game is a good improvement but cannot get a game without joining a friend considering asking for my 45 quid back Infinity WARD have seriously made me hate this game due to its lack of any form of online play for me,

  11. Same here ppl, im on PS3, was playing all yesterday no problems other than invites (which you can still do if u delete the friend u want to play with, re-add them then invite.. works everytime)
    But since i dowmloaded this patch 1.02, i cant play at all

    fetching playlists..
    updating Rank and Unlocks…
    Connecting to Matchmaking server…

    Exactly that. And its EXTREMELY annoying.

  12. wow this is garbage here i am on veterans day, have the day off, and

    can’t even invite my friends to play mf2 let alone connect online (the

    new patch took down the system).

    what a waste of $59, i should go back and return the game for because

    of ‘defective product’. did they even test the software before they

    shipped it out? how could they not notice these errors. they have

    dissappointed alot of people and i will not soon forget about it.

  13. Also getting this message…

    fetching playlists..
    updating Rank and Unlocks…
    Connecting to Matchmaking server…

    wtf? is anybody able to play online right now??

  14. Phew, had to do a bit of searching to find people that are having the same problem as me. PS3 totally freezes when i try to go to online multiplayer and i cant even play solo special-ops and ive just finished the campaign mode!!! Rather pissed off to say the least!!!

  15. This is totally unacceptable! We all spend our hard earned money on a product that fails one day into its release. Multiplayer is the cornerstone of the whole game and we now all feel robbed! However what i think is far more concerning is the lack of information we are recieveing from anybody. A simple “yes we have a problem” and ” it will be fixed by such and such a time” would make us feel all far happier. I (we) demand an apology!

  16. “Remember the days when you could purchase a game and right out of the case it worked without needing firmware updates or patches? Yeah those were the days.”

    Those were the days when games were less complex.

    Remember the days when you bought a game that was broken and was unable to be patched?


  18. When I woke up this morning I never realised I was going to complete the game single player. Nothing to complain about there… but what a waste of a day off. I have to admitt I was really looking forward to play online. Hope this is fixed as soon as possible.

  19. I know why there is no fix, because IW are sat watching us moaning, laughing at us with their heads up thier arses – this game is a fuck’d up piece of work. Let this be a lesson to any passionate gamer, don’t buy a game from IW that hasn’t been BETA Tested, because something tells me that it won’t fucking work!

  20. I\’m having the same problem as a lot of the others on here – try to sign in but it says:

    fetching playlists..
    updating Rank and Unlocks…
    Connecting to Matchmaking server…

    Mine is PS3 version.

    Months waiting for it to come out and it breaks down on the 2nd day!! Working fine yesterday….also except for Friend Invites!

    What a f@#X!\6 joke I. WARD – SORT IT OUT!!!

  21. Does anyone have any idea when this is likely to be fixed?

    One other thing, it annoys me that these people always make you question yourself and you go through everything to”fix” it at your end internet connection etc and then you find out (not told) that the problem is on their side!

  22. I don’t want to sound all conspiracy theory and all but did anyone consider the possibility that these Magoo’s at infinity engineered this catastrophe to coincide with Veterans Day? We can’t have the free worlds young and impressionable minds going battle berserk and massacring civilians (the level that has the graphic content advisory) on a day when we celebrate all the men and women who provide the blanket of freedom we sleep under. Funny how this patch, which who really knows what it fixed, came out just in time to take down the best war our country has been in since Grenada. This is all a big hoax to whip everyone up into a MW 2 frenzy and throw kerosene on the hype fire. Brilliant… But I would also love to go after them with the thumper and see if I can get my extermination challenge experience out of it since I can’t do it on multiplayer anymore…

  23. I had the same problem her too
    fetching playlists..
    updating Rank and Unlocks…
    Connecting to Matchmaking server…

    Though I let it sit for a while and i was finally able to play. but after one online match I could not connect to the Activision server

  24. “That said, any fears that no Public Beta will result in any quality loss in the final multiplayer game is completely unfounded; Multiplayer has always been and will always remain a major focus for the team at Infinity Ward and we would never ship a product we didn’t feel lived up to the high standards we hold ourselves to.”

    Straight from IW

  25. You know what is even more anoying.Spending money on the prestige edition. And when u put the game in the ps3. it has corrupted hdmi graphics. it flickers it goes black screen and sound drops off. only the old cable that came with the ps3 seems ot let me play the game. Not that u can do much as the graphics are realy awful. And when u look up for help u get nada from infnity ward. and on activision site u find a small post. Saying to remove all 3rd party items linked to the ps3, try it on a other ps3 or call for support.

    Well i had problems with modern warfare to, stuttering screen. When i changed a setting from hdmi it worked ok though. And now this.. i wont buy anymore infinity ward games again.

    they only two games i ever had problems with on my ps3 came from them.

    And now u get a new patch and u cannot even play on-line any more.

    Whats with the stupid invite system they put in.. what was wrong with the old one that worked fine.

    And were is the,create your own on-line server option. I mean how long have there been on-line shooters around. Even unreal tournament 3 has its create your own dedicated server on ps3. Why cant a game like this have that to. Other then having it be a private game. Annoying and useless. As is the we look up the game for u and not allow u to selectyour own game to join. 60% of the tme u end up in a lagged server anyways.

    Had such big hopes for the game. And now it totally crushed the last bit of respect for infinity ward. Single player is ok, but i never played that nor did i wanted to play it. Special ops is nice and fun i give them that one. But not being able to play it in HDMI and not getting online feel like i bought something broken and that for the price i had to pay for it is not acceptable

  26. Even snel een vraagje, heeft iemand van jullie ook de error dat hij niet meer zijn tophies kan synchroniseren/actualiseren?
    Heb sinds gisteren MW2 op PS3, patch 1.02 inmiddels geinstalleerd en trophioes werken. Ik kan alleen niet naar mijn eigen profiel kijken of bij trophies de actuele lijst zien.

    Does anyone have the problem that he can’t see his own actual trophie list or his profile after installing 1.02 form MW2? My trophies are working but i can’t see the up to date list and my own profile :S

  27. I agreee with Chairbourne Ranger… Infinity have un plugged the servers because it’s veterens day, and so they should. I think it is called respect?

    I sure am looking forward to playing online again though, yesterday was awesome! Great job on the game Infinity, smooth as anythingg else my PS3 has to offer.

  28. yes same problem this is really dissapointing. yesterday worked fine but today it doesnnt connect to online im really pissed off and the patch is coming friday pff what is that so many days to fix it..

  29. I popped in my 360 copy last night after getting home @ 6:30 pm Est., and an update was already up. I played the game for 6 hours last night and didn’t experience any of these issues, minus an issue w/ the first spec ops, where I ran it in 35.0 flat and it didn’t give me the third star.

    The only issues I noticed were dead body glitches(seizing, convulsing, etc.). Everything else worked great.

  30. Does anyone have the problem that he can’t see his own actual trophie list or his profile after installing 1.02 form MW2? My trophies are working but i can’t see the up to date list and my own profile :S

  31. It has nothing to do with veteran’s day and some “conspiracy theory”. First, IW wouldn’t do that. But if they did, you would say “oh its respect” but, this is not the case b/c online IS working on XBOX360.

  32. I took the day off work… 65$ I paid for this game…shouldve waited a week and bought weed.

  33. I wouldn’t mind a few hours of it needing to be fixed… But till friday… really… that long?

  34. If this is happening because its veterans day .. then how come its working on xbox? And if your playing campaing mode, your still killing people, its just as violent !

  35. the 360 version will not let you co-op on special ops and having trouble connecting on certain game modes, i’m sure that they’ll figure it out, hopefully sooner than later !!!

  36. Whats about all that Veteran day crap? Its not only you in USA who’s experiencing this problem, how egoistic to think that. This is a disaster created or not, and should be fixed as soon as possible!!

  37. I have a 360, i bought it yesterday. first disc played well till it froze and said can not recognize disc. okay brought it back, tryed another, would not even read it this time. went back for a third time, gave me a new one, got it to read, was in online play and it froze again and said couldnt recognize disc. wipe disc and restart system. all the rest of my 360 games work great. what a dissappointment. has anyone had any problem like this? any suggestion would help. Thanks

  38. “Remember the days when you could purchase a game and right out of the case it worked without needing firmware updates or patches? Yeah those were the days.”

    I don’t know what days you’re talking about because they never existed. PC games have been being patched ever since multiplayer existed.

    Just because games on last generation consoles couldn’t be patched doesn’t meant hey shouldn’t of been.

  39. veterans day have nothing to do with this crap, if it does, its arrogant of them or anyone who would do this, what about the rest of the world, you cannt impose your crap on the rest of the world. they messed up thats it.

  40. WTF?! – I AM SO ANGRY!








  41. thats funny mines working fine…… but no one else was on i couldnt find a room to play in so i came on here to look and see what the problem is lol

  42. Lame. I was lucky enough to pick up a copy last thursday, and the multiplayer worked without a problem up until the actual release date :/
    They need to fix this shit faster, Im starting to get withdrawls haha

  43. Being honest this is just no good – £45 for this game ordered 3 months ago and now this – Absolute shambles – and this was touted as being the best game of 2009 !! it will be remembered for getting released without being tested properly…

  44. This is bullshit. They should give us a couple of free maps to make up for this shit. WE SHOULD DEMAND A COUPLE OF FREE MAPS FOR THIS.

  45. a lot of you complain too much, I’m sure most of you have no idea what could be going wrong or why, and i’m sure most of you have no experience in developing a game or running its multiplayer, i want to play as much as you all do, but I’m not going to bash IW for this and curse the game, just let them figure it out, we are lucky enough that they made the game in the first place

  46. Play the damn Campaign mode on the hardest and get killed about a thousand times that will shut all your cry baby asses up and keep you busy. the single player is part of the 60 bucks you dropped so utilize that part. or develope your own damn version and release it to 200,000 thousand player and see if you can keep a server up? i guess a server crashing IW can control to? no it is an uncontrollable measure. so suck it up and play single player

  47. ummmmmm people it is fixed and the invite system works fine it only took me a few seconds to join his game so yeah just a heads up PSN: Xx50CAL_KILLAxX

  48. im a bit pi$$ed of myself i skipped a nite out wif the lads for this game to come online and im still fkn waitin …i meen come on out of all the employes at IW they cant fkn fix this ….

  49. ALERT ….watch out for a gamer tag (weegunit) ….i think hes to blame for my ps3 crashing all da time he said hed do stuff to my ps i didnt think anything of it at first but he later sent me a msg that said i told you id get u bak….and wen i backd up off the msg my console shut down and woodnt switch on for about 3 days … watch out gamers if you see this gamer quit the party hes on…..and pass this on so others can be safe too…

  50. To all the above posters who claim that everyone is nagging.

    It’s not bitching if IW is asking money for it.
    The took my money and gave me a game wich only half works.

    If I’d go to the super market, and I buy a product wich is half finished, I could demand a refund.
    It’s true that you can’t be prepared for anthing, but this reeks of greed.
    Greed to supply enough servers/bandwith.

    They claim to listen to the community, they should’ve known how much people where going to connect.

    I’m not out to bust IW balls, but my guess is that IW hoped that most games would be sold in december, and got surprised by the overwhelming loggons.

    But that don’t make it right.

  51. I got MW2 for ps3 they day it came out
    and it ran fine through the campain (not a single freeze)
    but now whenever i play multiplayer it freezes randomly in game!!!

    does this happen to anyone???

  52. Its Dec. 3rd and still no word on a 360 fix. I would like to one day play mw2 online. Its kind of a big request to be able to use something for what it was ment for.

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