PSPGo’s Disadvantage

Since the release of the PSPGo, consumers are having second thoughts whether they want to purchase a PSPGo due to its online-download only. It is a neat idea of Sony to release a system that doesn’t need any physical media format but there are some disadvantages that you might need to know and be careful about.

Let’s take a look on the disadvantages that I’ve found on the PSPGo.


1. The infamous “80109D80” error code. This error code has been bugging me for a long time now. Since most publishers today are sending out early review builds through the PlayStation Store, this error code has prevented me from downloading and making my PSPGo virtualy useless for couple of days or weeks. I’ve phoned SCEA Customer Support and unfortunately, the code is “unknown”. Marco, the clueless Customer Support fellow that helped me have said if I have deactivated the PSP so many times in one day, so what they did was closed my account but will be reactivated after 7 days.

2. PSP Games on the PSPGo rely solely on the PlayStation Network. If a new game comes out in a UMD format, the PSN version of the game won’t be releasing until a week or so later depending on when the publisher decides to upload it. Basically, you are getting the short end of the stick with games because you get them on a later date, or you do not get them at all due to there being no PSN release!

3. Game Sharing is strictly prohibited! We know that each PlayStation Network accounts allows up to 5 activation of either the PS3 and PSP console. So if you have family members that have 3 PSP console and you activate it all at the same time, you might end up having the “80109D80” error code. When that code appears, it means you get a temporary ban for 7 days. It’s not good when it happens because without the PlayStation Store, there is nothing you can do but wait. This also means that all family members must buy their own copy of the game, there is no sharing here. However, Sony is not all to blame here, since many people take clear advantage of the system.

4. What if you don’t have fast internet? That’s another problem. Since most PSP games vary in size from 1MB to over a gig, it might take hours up to a day for it to finish downloading.

5. The PSP games you buy on the PlayStation Store doesn’t have any resale value. No refund or exchange. You cannot even try it before you buy it!

Overall, I don’t think the PSP is ready to go online. The decision not to transfer UMD games has a horrible idea. So basicly if you have old PSP games, they are now 100% useless with the PSPGo. I’ve praised the PSPGo in my review awhile back but after having these problems personally and seeing how many people are having this problem, I would just want to warn everyone of what they are getting into. Once again, if you have a PSP Slim already, stay away from the Go. I don’t think digital distribution won’t be ready until a few more years.