Survey Shows Most People Play The Nintendo Switch At Home

Even though the Nintendo Switch is a portable console, most people usually play the device in the comfort of their own home. This is according to a recent poll.

Nintendo of America posted a poll asking people where they most play the Nintendo Switch. 46,655 votes were tallied and 83 percent of people say they play the device at home. Only 7 percent play on the airplane. 5 percent play on the Bus/Train while another 5 percent play at the Beach/Park.

This may not be the most accurate poll, although it is interesting. It’s possible several people like to play in portable mode, but still stay at home. After all, you aren’t always near a power plug when you are travelling just in case the battery gets low.

Anyway, the Switch is one of the most popular devices in 2017. It’s been hard to get since Nintendo keeps running out of stock. Hopefully more consoles can be made next year.

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