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Good: Lovely backgrounds, narration can be amusing, combat feels fluid and nice at times
Bad: Dodging could be better, narrator can, at times, be annoying, fairly short
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Making a game that stands out is harder than you might think. Not only do you need a unique concept, something that becomes increasingly difficult as more games release, it needs to be good, without hindering enjoyment. Some games accomplish this, a few stand out because of it and many are defined by said gimmick. This isn’t always a bad thing, the skillshot system is what made Bulletstorm so memorable, but it usually doesn’t end well. Icey might not reinvent the wheel in some aspects, it offers a different take on genre norms. With a cute girl, vibrant worlds and plenty of sword swinging action, is Icey a must or should gamers give it the cold shoulder?

What makes Icey unique is how the story is presented. Instead of having characters interact with each other or give scenes context, Icey is told through narration. As a result, your motivations for killing Judas are kind of vague and some of the choices you make are a little harder to understand, but it allows for some fun interactions.

The narrator often notes that Icey should listen to them and follow the arrows if she wants to kill Judas. These oddly specific notes are clues that there are other paths to take. Some paths will lead to hidden rooms, including one that mentions playing another game like Koi, with others having unique bosses or items. None of these secrets are particularly well hidden, not that they’re suppose to be, making the experience more about examining what’s around the box, instead of the box itself. That being said, these experiences quickly go from refreshing to tedious.

At first annoying the narrator is amusing, like one of the first rooms is a rant about trophy collectors, but they quickly become annoying and tedious. Some berate you for doing this or not doing that and others include some meta elements. These would likely be better in a longer experience or fewer in quality, but still something to look out for.

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ICEY Review, 8.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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