Neil Blomkamp Wants To Try And Make A Halo Movie Again

In a recent Reddit AMA, Hollywood director, Neil Blomkamp is interested in making a Halo movie once again. The first attempt didn’t pan out as we all know…

To give you a history lesson, Blomkamp was tasked to make a Halo movie many years ago but plans fell through. Blomkamp reworked what he was doing and that movie became District 9 instead. Since that time, no live action movie from the gaming franchise has been made. Now it seems he might want to tackle it again.

He said: “I love HALO. still. But i seem to have a bad track record of turning existing franchises into films. haha, Do i love the world? master chief? reach, the colonies, the flood, the covenant? YES. Am i going to end up directing a piece in that world? probably not- meaning no one is asking me…. Although, I must say if Microsoft asked me to do another batch of pieces like LANDFALL now, i would say yes. Inside OATS that could be very cool actually.”

Another Reddit user notified Major Nelson on Blomkamp’s interest and Nelson said he is hearing “loud and clear“. Hopefully this little conversation can turn into something bigger. After all, we still need a video game movie to be a legitimate masterpiece.

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