Atari Reveals Its New Ataribox Console

It appears Atari will be back in the console gaming market. The company has now revealed the new Ataribox console and it sounds like it will offer more than just a retro gaming fix.

Atari sent out an email to give people more details on its Ataribox. The company wants to appeal to both fans old and new and there will be two designs. One is a wood edition and the other is the pictured red and black.

It will have an HDMI socket, 4 usb slots and an SD Card slot. The interesting part is that the company hints that this console can deliver “current gaming content”. It will also deliver “classic gaming content” too.

Whether or not this machine is as powerful as an Xbox One, Switch or PS4 remains to be seen. Atari is not sharing the specs of the console yet. If it can produce current gaming specs, we might have another competitor on the scene outside of just Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

It could be another android style console so we might be seeing games that aren’t AAA. We just have to wait and see until Atari announces more details on this thing.

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