New Everybody’s Golf Video Game On PS4 Has A Release Date In Europe And North America

Sony has announced that it is releasing a new Everybody’s Golf game on the PS4. The North American and European release dates have been announced for Western gamers.

The game will be released in North America on August 29th while it comes out in Europe on August 30th. It is obviously a PS4 exclusive since this series has appeared on previous PlayStation consoles.

It appears Sony is not using the Hot Shots Golf name that was adopted for North American users only. It will now be called Everybody’s Golf in both North America and in Europe.

The game is a casual approach to the sport of golf. It features cute anime style character models, although it will have lots of courses. It will cost $39.99 and will feature other things such as “fishing, buggy racing and treasure hunting”. Check out the trailer below for more details.

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