SWTOR Game Update 2.3 Bounty Contract Event – Ord Mantell Preview

Finishing the Bounty Mission

As soon as the contact tells you everything you need to know, it’s now time to either eliminate or capture the subject. Doing either one will give you a light or dark side points. Choose wisely. For mission rewards, it does not affect as to which method you chose.

Remember that anyone from level 15-55 can do these bounty missions. The level of the enemies that you will get to fight will scale around your current level.

Mission Complete

Now that your mission is complete, go back to the person that gave you the mission.

Turn It In For Rewards

SWTOR Bounty Contract Week - 04

To get your rewards, head back to the fleet and turn in your quest to the mission terminal on the Cartel Bazaar. Your rewards will give you a money lockbox, a bounty contract item, a reputation item for points, and two basic commendations.

Collect Five Bounty Contracts


That’s it! When you’re done on your mission, you can wait again the next day to do the other ones. However, if you are not satisfied with the difficulty of the regular bounty mission, you can take the high-profiled ones. Although, you have to collect FIVE BOUNTY CONTRACTS, and those can only be achieved by completing the regular bounty mission. So, it will take five days before you get to do the high-profiled missions in a week.

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