SWTOR Game Update 2.3 Bounty Contract Event – Ord Mantell Preview

SWTOR Game Update 2.3 Bounty Contract Event – Ord Mantell Preview

When SWTOR Game Update 2.3 launches next month, one of the additions many are looking forward to is the new Bounty Contract event that is held every month. According to BioWare, the event will be a week long and will always come back every month.

To those who are wondering what type of content the Bounty Contract event will have, we have decided to give you a preview as to how it will work. Below is the procedure in completing one bounty mission. Please take note that this preview is based on the build that is now available on the Pubic Test Server. Anything can change when the content is pushed to live servers sometime in August.

Initiating the Bounty Contract Event Quest

On your way to the newly opened Cartel Bazaar section on your Fleet, find the Carbonite Chamber before you head into the elevator. Watch the brief scene that introduces you to the event. As soon as the cutscene is finished, head over to the Cartel Bazaar and speak to BH-7X.

SWTOR Bounty Contract Week - 01

Access the terminal beside BH-7X and take one of the bounty missions. Unfortunately, you are only allowed to take one mission per day.

Getting to Ord Mantell

For our first bounty mission, we have decided to do Ord Mantell first. Open your map to see where you need to go and talk to the guy who will share with you more details of your mission.

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