Rare ‘Xenoblade Chronicles’ Game Selling For Over $100

Rare ‘Xenoblade Chronicles’ Game Selling For Over $100

Xenoblade Chronicles

Remember how Xenoblade Chronicles for the Wii is only exclusive to Gamestop in North America? Apparently, if you managed to get a copy, you have an option to sell it at a ridiculous price.

With the on-going trend of games that become rare just months following its release, like Suikoden II on the PS One, Xenoblade Chronicles is now considered to be one of those rare games that has a high value to it. A year following its launch, Nintendo stopped the reprints of the game, therefore the prices on sites like eBay has gone up. Originally sold for $49.99, those who are looking for extra money can sell it for twice the normal price.

Those who rather wait for a few more years, Xenoblade Chronicles might be even more expensive just like Suikoden II, which is now selling for over $500.

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