SOCOM 4 and MAG Online Servers Decomissioning in 2014


If you happen to still play Zipper Interactive’s SOCOM 4 or MAG on the PlayStation 3, you have until next year to play it online with your friends.

In a recent tweet of PlayStation, they have stated that online services for MAG, SOCOM Confrontation, and SOCOM 4 will be ending on January 28, 2014. Seeing how Zipper Interactive had shut down for over a year now, the closure of the online servers for three games was expected.

As a big fan, it’s sad to see Zipper Interactive and a great series like SOCOM go following over a decade of giving entertainment to third person shooter fans. Don’t fret folks, I’m sure there will be other SOCOM-like games coming in the future, especially with the PS4 coming, although SOCOM will always be SOCOM… We’ll miss you!a

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Mark Fajardo

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